At the Piano with Fauré

Marguerite Long

The French pianist, Marguerite Long, was closely associated with the music of Gabriel Fauré and became a favourite interpreter of his music. She studied and worked for a decade alongside the composer and dedicated her long and successful career to the promotion of his music.






The virtuoso pianist and teacher, Marguerite Long, was a great friend of Fauré and the foremost interpreter of his music. He taught her the techniques required to express his music to perfection and this knowledge she passes onto the reader through her personal reminiscences of the composer. She describes with sensitivity and dedication her enriching friendship with Fauré and gives a vivid impression of what it was like to be with him and play under his instruction. She discusses in some detail many of Fauré’s works illustrated with numerous music examples.



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About the Author

Both a great concert pianist and professor of music, Marguerite Long gave her first recital at the age of eleven and her last at seventy-five. She was a favourite interpreter of many composers of the French School including Debussy, Ravel, Fauré and the Spanish composer Albéniz. She was as fine a teacher as a performer and numbered many renowned pianists as her pupils.


1. Meeting
2. Testimonies
3. The Man and his Image
4. The Piano Works of Gabriel Fauré
5. The Story of an Appointment
6. My First Recital of Fauré in 1909
7. The Friends of Fauré
8. The Enchanted Circle
9. The Sources of Fauré’s Inspiration
10. Around the Piano
11. In Paradisum


Pianist Marguerite Long tells the wonderful tale of her deep immersion in the music and the person of Gabriel Fauré – recommended with elan.

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