Chopin: A Graded Practical Guide

Eleanor Bailie
Foreword by Peter Katin

All of Chopin’s music for solo piano is graded and analysed with detailed and constructive suggestions for study and performance.






This book is illustrated with copious musical examples and gives a complete survey of Chopin’s music for solo piano, including a graded list of his works, together with detailed and constructive suggestions for study and performance. An extended introduction places Chopin in the context of his time, distancing him from the romantic misconceptions that have dogged his reputation through successive generations.



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About the Author

Eleanor Bailie became one of Britain’s most influential scholars of music. Introduced to the piano by Ruth D’Arcy Thompson, she secured a place at the Royal Academy of Music which allowed her to spend six months in Paris studying under the great piano teacher and Ravel expert, Marguerite Long. She later taught at the Royal College of Music and at Reading University.


Foreword by Peter Katin
1. More Specific Aspects of Style
2. Some Explanations and Amplifications
3. Editions
4. A Graded List of Chopin’s Works for Solo Piano
4.1 Preludes
4.1 Mazurkas
4.3 Waltzes
4.4 Polonaises
4.5 Nocturnes
4.7 Trois Nouvelles Études
4.8 Scherzos
4.9 Ballades
4.10 Sonatas
4.12 Rondos
4.13 Variations
4.14 Miscellaneous Works
4.15 Works for Solo Piano without Opus Numbers
4.16 Other Works
Persons mentioned in the text


Eleanor Bailie has a disciplined yet refreshingly natural way of dealing with the necessary regard for structure and detail, and ceaseless care for the many technical problems present in Chopin’s works, balanced simply and convincingly by the sheer love of music. This is a rare talent indeed…’
Peter Katin

The author has a unique way of involving us and of instilling into the pianists compulsion to turn to that particular piece and find out more about it. In summary, this book is a treasure-trove.’
Beryl Chempin – Piano Journal

This book exudes the love and practical knowledge of Chopin’s work. It will help pianists, teachers and students to enter the unique world of Chopin.’
Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

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