Haydn: A Graded Practical Guide

Eleanor Bailie
Foreword by H C Robbins Landon

A companion volume to the Chopin in the The Pianist’s Repertoire series, comprehensive graded and practical guides for the solo piano. This title is aimed at players at all levels: amateurs, professionals, students and teachers.






Discussing the solo piano music of Joseph Haydn, the leading composer of the Classical period, this complete survey includes a graded list of all of these works as well as detailed and constructive suggestions for study and performance. A lengthy introduction discusses the life, times, and the essential style of his piano writing. A reference book for pianists of any level, this volume is illustrated with extensive musical examples.



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About the Author

Eleanor Bailie became one of Britain’s most influential scholars of music. Introduced to the piano by Ruth D’Arcy Thompson, she secured a place at the Royal Academy of Music which allowed her to spend six months in Paris studying under the great piano teacher and Ravel expert, Marguerite Long. She later taught at the Royal College of Music and at Reading University.


1. The Sonatas – nos. 1-62
2. Miscellaneous Pieces
2.1 Capriccio in G Major 1765
2.2 Fantasia (or Capriccio) in C Major 1789
2.3 20 Variations in G Major 1765?
2.4 Ariettain A Major with 12 Variations
2.5 Arietta in E-flat Major with 12 Variations
2.6 6 Easy Variations in C Major 1790,Variations in D Major 1755-60, Variations on the Anthem ‘Gott Erhalte’ 1797
2.7 Andante con Variazioni in F Minor 1793
2.8 Adagio in F Major
2.9 Adagio in G Major 1794
2.10 Allegretto in G Major 1793
2.11 Allegretto in G Major 1781
2.12 Il Maestro e lo Scolare 1779
3. A Graded List of Haydn’s Keyboard Works
4. A Comparative Table of Editions
Index of Works


… destined to be seized upon by all piano teachers with cries of joy … deserves to be bought, consulted, argued over and thumbed for years to come.
Music Teacher

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