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Chopin: A Graded Practical Guide

Eleanor Bailie
£37.50 - $49.95

This book is illustrated with copious musical examples and gives a complete survey of Chopin's music for solo piano, including a graded list of his works, together with detailed and constructive suggestions for study and performance. An extended introduction places Chopin in the context of his time, distancing him from the romantic misconceptions that have dogged his reputation through successive generations.


If you love Chopin, you absolutely MUST have this book!!!!! The author takes you measure by measure through every one of Chopin's pieces. It's unbelievable the amount of info you find in this book. ”

Eleanor Bailie has a disciplined yet refreshingly natural way of dealing with the necessary regard for structure and detail, and ceaseless care for the many technical problems present in Chopin's work. Peter Katin ”

A masterpiece! Morris Kahn ”







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