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William Waterhouse
£15.95 - $24.95

This book gives detailed and authoritative guidance on the mastery of this rewarding instrument. It is a practical manual offering beginner and expert alike a thorough and systematic treatment of every aspect of performance. There are many parts of the body employed in playing the bassoon - abdomen, mouth, tongue, fingers, and not least brain - and are described in turn and their proper use discussed both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Each section is followed by highly original practice routines. There is also advice on maintenance, how to practise, how to teach, and how to cope with the challenges of audition and competition. There are hints given on the performance of concertos by Mozart and Weber, a list of recommended solo repertoire and an extensive bibliography.


This is clearly the work of an experienced, first-class artist and master teacher who generously shares a lifetime of knowledge. Frank Morelli - The Instrumentalist ”

There can be no-one more qualified than William Waterhouse to write the definitive book on the bassoon. Roger Birnstingl - Double Reed News ”

...a book that should find a place in every bassoon teacher's library. Terry B Ewell - The Double Reed ”







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